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Our much anticipated Tough Mudder video is finally complete!!!!

Special THANKS to Janine, who spent nearly 4-5 hours working on cutting this down. We have nearly all 24 obstacles. As the battery was running down, we missed a few obstacles at the end to ensure we had Funky Monkey, Everest, and Electroshock Therapy. This was my first time running with the GoPro2, which I HIGHLY recommend, and definitely learned a lot from it. I videotaped way too much of us just running which really isnโ€™t necessary. People will not watch this to see us run, as I 100% would not.ย ๐Ÿ™‚ They are watching to see the OBSTACLES!!! I hope you enjoy.

Cannot wait to video Tough Mudder Miami with the new GoPro3 and what additional tweaks we can make to the video afterwards!


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